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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Competition Season Prep

It has been what seems like FOREVER since I last posted....The holidays, combined with the upcoming nuptials and my last semester of graduate school have all taken their toll on my free time to blog.  The holidays were great, I was able to lighten my training which was difficult, but necessary in order to prevent the ever so common staleness and overtraining effects.  They were filled with family, fun time, and great memories.  2012 has been a kick in the pants so far for sure.  My weeks have filled right up with my personal training job, my internship (free, mind you), wedding planning, and my own training.  It has been a daily juggling act but I have finally ironed out all the kinks and am sticking to a pretty strict schedule.  One big change that I have made is switching my off day.  As any competitive athlete knows the off day is the favorite day!  Eat what you want, relax and receup before a hard week of training begins again.  There is team training on Sundays now, so I switched my off day to Friday.   I love this training on Sundays because Traven makes it his personal mission to single-handedly take our souls on the mats.  I leave feeling accomplished and absolutely exhausted!  So far it has been a great training camp!  Each day I learn something new and take away a new technique to incorporate into my game.  Really excited about upcoming Lutador Grappling March 3rd here in Atlanta and Pan Ams at the end of March.  Before I know it Mundials will be here!
         The wedding is going to be on October 13th this fall.  Stressful is quite the understatement so my training is helping with easing the built up tension!  It is crazy the things that stress you out when you are planning a wedding.  Who would have thought that merely collecting addresses would be so irritating!!
         This afternoon I was lucky to be on Tom McManus' radio show out of Jacksonville, Florida.  It is called Suck it Up Radio and each week they do a segment on some aspect of the MMA scene.  Tom and Larry asked me to be on the show and give my perspective being a female in a male dominated sport/atmosphere.  We chatted about all sorts of things ranging from nutrition to training regimen to bullying.  It was a great time and I am very appreciative to Larry and Tom for having me on the show.  Yay!  I will post the interview sometime next week.  
         Until next time; train on!!

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