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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You're Pretty Tough For a Girl

Listen up:  The next time I hear this I am going to slap the person whose mouth it comes from.   No, I am not tough for a girl, I am just tough.  I think that 95% of the time it really is meant as a compliment from a guy who unfortunately doesn't know how to socialize with women.   However; it is back handed and never comes out the right way.  This also means that you shouldn't say "Man you're really good for a girl."  If Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has taught us anything its that the sport can help to "level" the playing field between the sexes.  Oh, and you don't hear us grunt, scream, and get hernias and break ribs from trying to throw each other all over the mats.  We are good because we train our butts off and learn the techniques and implement them in training instead of trying to prove who the pride leader is.  I AM a woman, I AM tough, I am NOT tough for a woman.    RAWR!  

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